EPA Assessments

Lally Chartered Engineers are fully experienced and certified to carry out EPA Site Suitability Assessments. These assessments are in compliance with the EPA code of practice.

We can identify and design suitable wastewater treatment systems for sites in un-sewered rural areas. Our team can also provide Soakaway designs as they are now required for all one-off houses. If required we will organise the excavation of the trial holes and test holes.


“To protect the environment and, in particular, water quality, houses in un-sewered areas must be on suitable sites and must have an appropriate wastewater treatment system that is correctly installed and maintained. Homeowners and builders who propose to build houses in un-sewered areas require undergoing site assessments to ensure that the site is suitable for an off-mains system. They are responsible for their wastewater treatment systems and should follow all planning requirements and guidance provided in this code of practice. The primary responsibility for protecting waters against pollution rests with any person who is carrying on an activity that presents a threat to water quality”

Environmental Protection Agency, 2010

Click below to view our EPA site assessment Reports.

EPA Report 1              EPA Report 2

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