Health and Safety

Lally Chartered Engineers are constantly working on improving their awareness and adapting their approach and procedures in relation to their Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality management procedures to ensure a safe environment for our staff who work hard to achieve and maintain a standard of excellence in all aspects of what we do.

Environmental Sustainability Policy

At Lally Chartered Engineering we are committed to the highest levels of sustainability by making a positive impact through outstanding environmental sustainability performance. We are focused on technical excellence and are committed to our clients, we are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact through all aspects of our services.


Health & Safety Policy

Lally Chartered Engineers are committed to health, safety and welfare in everything we do in our work environment. We take a risk assessment approach to safety by promoting the principle of prevention.


Quality Policy

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of quality possible. We work hard to achieve and maintain a standard of excellence by continually improving processes, services and working hard to exceed customer satisfaction by striving to produce top quality, cost effective designs and services within budget and on time. We are committed to provide extensive staff training with a focus on quality. We are continually monitoring and updating our Quality Policy so that it successfully reflects our clients needs.

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