Structural Surveys

We carry out detailed Structural /Building Surveys and Snag lists for Residential properties.

All surveys are carried out by highly trained and experienced engineers who are always committed to providing the best quality assessments at a competitive price.


  • A complete and thorough assessment of the building
  • Detailed scan of both inside and outside the structure using state of the art thermal imaging camera
  • Inspection of all drainage/manholes and a visual inspection of the septic tank/treatment system
  • Detailed Repair Cost Analysis
  • Verification that planning conditions have been adhered to
  • Inspection of Electrics and Plumbing
  • Full Dampness Inspection
  • Final Report Including a list of Conclusions and Recommendations


Snag lists are inspections carried out on newly built properties to ensure the property is in compliance with all current Building Regulations. The inspection identifies poorly constructed or incomplete work and it brings ‘snags’ to the client’s attention. It gives the client the opportunity to get the issues attended to before finalising contracts.

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