Volumetric Analysis

Our team has vast experience in Trimble Business Centre to compute cut/fill volume reports for all types of developments.

We can produce detailed earthwork reports and cut/fill colour coded drawings to aid companies in tendering for large developments. We can produce stockpile volume reports and can produce 3D drawings to demonstrate extent of works.

Survey data will be recorded in the field using the latest Global Positioning System (GPS) and Automatic Total Station (ATS) units. This data will then be processed in our office to form a 3D Digital Terrain Model (DTM). From this model we can provide:

  • The most efficient distribution of on-site material from cut zones to fill zones.
  • Earthwork reports to calculate volumes based on a single surface, or the comparison of two surfaces.
  • Surface area measurements and reports.
  • Stockpile volume reports.
  • Colour coded drawings showing cut/fill volumes in a specified grid to client’s requirements.
  • Cross sections and contour drawings.
  • Earthwork costs to achieve a finish design from an existing ground surface.

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